Thursday, 26 February 2015

Inquiry 2015

Questioning is the basis for my inquiry this year.
I have chosen questioning in regards to reading and the questions that students are posed with whilst in micro teaching groups.

I chose this as my inquiry focus for the reason that a focus for me has been to extend and scaffold higher order thinking.
To get this students needed to be provided with 'quality questions'. This is something I feel there is much improvement for.

SO what am I going to do to begin with?
My first step is to research and look for examples of higher order reading questions. This will be online and from reading a variety of texts, to even watching DVD's and clips online.

LEARN - If there is a common prompt or pattern between questions that require higher order thinking.

CREATE  - Examples of these questions and carefully construct questions that I can pose students with.

SHARE - These questions with one reading group and slowly focus on implementing such question on more than one group.