Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Inquiry 2016

My inquiry for 2016 is based on how can I get more reading milage for my students and still get critical thinking in independent activities?
My aim is to provide a variety of texts that are lengthier therefore the students are getting more mileage. In particular we will be looking at a few 'classic' novels that give them the opportunity to get their mileage up.

At first I will introduce novels to my more able groups, whilst seeing them with them two - three times weekly; however instead of focussing on the follow up activities which seem take up much of the learners time. There will be less questioning in the independent tasks, and more of this during group discussion, allowing the students to read freely and further engage in the text instead of the stop- start to answer questions.

This should give students the opportunity to complete their novel studies within the given timeframe while increasing their mileage.